a 90 day journey

Your journey of healing and transformation awaits.

What is the Empower Program?

  • Empower is my signature 90 day (12 week) coaching and guidance system that provides you the tools and practices to work through and heal some of the layers of trauma and emotional wounds that have caused the emotions and triggers you have now.  
  • It’s a customized 1-on-1 program full of love and patience, purposefully designed to help you conquer life and to help you began your healing journey. In each of the 12 weeks, we focus on a different topic with helpful tools and practices to help you apply your learning to everyday life.  As you progress through the program, you’ll build a ‘toolbox’ of lifelong strategies that will empower you to live the life you deserve.
  • The program is delivered in weekly one-hour sessions in person (or remotely by Zoom), customized to your needs with ongoing support and materials provided in between each weekly session.

The Empower Program has been curated and developed specifically for women who can relate to some or all of the following:

  • you’re feeling disconnected, overwhelmed or stuck where you are – and not sure how to move through these heavy feelings
  • you have a sense there’s ‘something’ holding you back from your past, but you’re not sure what it is
  • you overcommit and stay too busy, even when you’re exhausted – you crave a break from life and never seem to have time for yourself
  • you know you need something more in your life, and you want to make positive changes to feel empowered and confident
  • you can relate to the sense of having a ‘mid life crisis’ and questioning where you are (hint: it’s not a mid life crisis at all!)
  • you’re constantly comparing yourself to others and feeling like you’re never good enough
  • you’re finding yourself being short tempered or easily upset by your kids, family or those around you, and you feel guilty about it
  • you’ve tried things like meditation, yoga or other practices, but haven’t found something that feels like it really fits
  • certain people or situations trigger you or upset you, but you’re not able to control it or understand why it happens
  • you instantly apologize or over-explain in situations that you know aren’t your fault
  • you find yourself picking fights when you feel distant from your partner or those close to you – and then feeling more disconnected and alone
  • you have great difficulty in making decisions for fear of making a mistake or letting others down

Program Structure and Design

Within the Empower Program, we’ll explore 3 key pillars which will form the foundation of your healing, growth and transformation.  We’ll focus on each pillar for a 1 month period (4 weeks), moving through several important approaches and modalities towards your personal empowerment.

Below is an outline of what we’ll cover in each week of the program.

~ MONTH 1 ~

Coming Home:


Every human being’s natural process of experiencing the world is through their bodies and senses.

Unfortunately, traumatic and painful experiences we incur through life often damage the connection we have with our body — leaving us feeling disconnected from ourselves and others, numb to our emotions and passions, and enduring the dull ache of sadness or hopelessness.

In this foundational first month of the program, we will explore a range of embodiment practices and use gentle techniques and methodology to help you reconnect with your body so you can experience and appreciate the full expression of yourself. Becoming embodied allows you to feel grounded, safe and capable in your physical body.

Week 1: Breath     Week 2: Movement     Week 3: Voice     Week 4: Touch

~ MONTH 2 ~

Reawaken Your North Star:


When you’ve lost sight of what you’re trying to accomplish or where you’re trying to go, it becomes impossible to feel alive, motivated and inspired about the future.

Lack of clarity causes confusion, uncertainty and chaos in your life, and life pushes your dreams and plans out of the way. Like a ship at sea without a compass, you can wake up one day and find yourself a world away from where you wanted your life to be.

Magic happens when you give yourself the space and time to really listen to your heart. In this section of the program, you’ll learn a number of powerful tools that help create that space and stillness you need (both inside and out) to reconnect to your purpose and “North Star”.

Week 5: Awareness     Week 6: Meaning     Week 7: Judgement     Week 8: Action

~ MONTH 3 ~

Reclaim Yourself:


It seems like such a simple thing – ‘just believe in yourself!’ Yet what seems so simple is often so difficult to do in reality.

While our logical mind understands the importance of being positive and confident, the traumas and past hurts we accumulate over our life can stop us from being able to access that inner strength and confidence.

In this final month of the program, we build on the clarity we’ve achieved and develop tools to help you strengthen and purify your own agency and ability to rely on yourself. Developing the foundation of confidence and clarity in your life is one of the key steps in overcoming the things that hold you back. You’re empowered to make confident decisions and manifest the life that you have always wanted.

Week 9: Gratitude     Week 10: Self-Love     Week 11: Authenticity     Week 12: Resilience

What's required for you to be accepted into the Empower Program?

  • you’re willing to be patient with yourself and with me, and you’re willing to do the work
  • you’re already working with or willing to work with a therapist or counsellor during my program so that you have complete support
  • you have experience with or are willing to explore talk therapy, body work, body movement/gentle yoga, and breath work in your journey
  • you’re curious about or are open minded about plant medicine and psychedelic-assisted therapy
    (note that this is an entirely optional topic and there is no obligation to consider or pursue it if it doesn’t resonate with you)
  • you have not been diagnosed with BPD and/or Bipolar disorder **
  • you’re not currently on any SSRIs/SNRIs or any other mind or mood altering medications **

** it may still be possible for you to work with me even in these circumstances – please contact me for more information

Have Questions?

If you’d like to take the first step forward, please complete my confidential Intake Form that you will find on this page.

If you have any general questions about the Empower Program or want to discuss your particular situation, you can send me a message through the Contact page.  I look forward to connecting with you!