About Us

Avesah is a love story, built on love.

Missy Sayles

In 2019, I was coming out the other end of a reawakening and  transformation after struggling for several years with anxiety and depression.

My career as a massage therapist had taken a back seat to my family, busy life, and my need to do everything right and ‘fit in’. My life had become a challenge and I was ‘doing’ life instead of living it.  I felt numb and disconnected from the world and people around me.

Therapy helped me recognize the childhood trauma that I was carrying forward, and I decided that something had to change. I had found the power of yoga and movement and started taking care of myself.  I began to feel better and began the healing process that was long overdue.

Greg Habstritt

In 2019, I had been moving through a difficult reflection period of life after getting divorced and being forced to reckon with the question of ‘what is life about?’

As a lifelong entrepreneur, I came to the first time in my adult life when I didn’t have a business to focus on and keep me busy. Without that distraction, I realized that I had a lot of internal work to do, resolving childhood trauma and coming to terms with so many things in my past.  I was running away from things, and that had to stop.

I began exploring and studying a range of healing modalities including breathwork, yoga, floating and plant medicine.

Even though we officially started Avesah in 2021, the seeds of it were planted the moment we met in 2019.

When we first met, we both felt an undeniable pull.  The universe moved to unite us, and we fell deeply in love.  As our love grew, we shared experiences and knowledge around movement, yoga, breathwork, consciousness and psychedelic medicine.

We bore witness to each other’s healing, pain and grief, and committed to be the support and love that we each needed.  We each felt ‘seen’ for the first time in our lives, and that deepened our love for each other.

Because we had both gained so much from the different process and modalities we were practicing, we became certified in a number of them.  We each focused our attention on education and becoming trained and certified in a variety of modalities, including trauma sensitive movement, breathwork and psychedelic therapy facilitation.

Missy was a massage therapist previously, and decided to add yoga to her training.  She became certified not just as a yoga instructor (RYT-200), but sought her advanced yoga certification as well (RYT-500).  She was then inspired to become certified in Trauma Sensitive Yoga as well (TCTSY), and has completed a variety of programs and trainings on work with trauma, somatic healing and psychedelic therapy.

Greg has been providing individual and group coaching and training for more than 20 years, and discovered breathwork to be a powerful tool for growth and healing.  He became a certified SOMA Breathwork Instructor, and has completed a number of trauma and somatic healing programs and trainings.